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Angel Tree Christmas

Want to bring joy to a prisoner's child this Christmas?


“We arrived at the child’s house to deliver a gift on behalf of a parent who was in prison. We said ‘This is a Christmas present from your Dad.’ ‘From my DAD?,’ she replied – a huge smile on her face. ‘THANK YOU!’ It was so encouraging to see her face light up when she realized that her father had remembered her.”

Angel Tree Christmas.

Those of you who have been involved feel the emotion of that moment. When a child realizes that a parent who is away from home in prison remembered him/her with a Christmas gift, complete with a gift tag written in the parent’s own handwriting.

Our Angel Tree program focuses on kids – kids who have the hardship of a parent who is in prison. It’s a unique group that can be overlooked as we tally the victims of crime. These kids may be dealing with the strain of relationships that surround them, economic hardship and confusion; and can feel singled out in ways that affect their confidence, behaviour and sense of worth.

With Angel Tree Christmas prisoners apply, submit a wish list for each child and fill out gift tags that will be attached to the gifts. Prison Fellowship matches the children with sponsors in their local area. Sponsors purchase, wrap and deliver the gifts, meeting the family, offering a cheery hello and extending a hand of friendship. Some have also invited the families to their Christmas church programming. And this is no small thing!

Sponsor One or More Children: you will receive information about the child (or children), what the suggested gift is. Purchase and wrap the present to be delivered to the child.