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COVID-19 Protocols

When you come to our building on Sunday, here is what you can expect . . .

COVID-19 Protocols

These protocols are updated regularly as the current situation changes. While many choose to watch Online Church on Sunday mornings, under the RED-CRITICAL level of Manitoba's pandemic response, we are limited to a maximum capacity of 45 people in the building on Sunday mornings (1/3 of our building capacity). Whether you watch from home, or attend in person, the church service is essentially the same. The one main difference is when we celebrate communion on the third Sunday of each month. Communion is held in the building but is not done in the online church service.

Our Online Church services can be found here: and start with a countdown at 9:55am on Sunday mornings. You can chat live with others throughout the service. And we have trained online hosts who are ready to pray with you during the Online Church services.

If you come to the building on Sunday mornings, here is what you can expect . . .


  • pre-registration on our website; we keep a record of all in attendance for 21 days, then we shred it
  • everyone must answer a health questionnaire before entering the building
  • masks are required and we provide masks for people who forgot to bring their own
  • no handshaking
  • we have hand sanitizer stations available - they are operated by a foot pedal so no hands are touching anything
  • children go downstairs to Sunday School upon entering the front doors and they are seated 2.5m away from each other once in their classrooms
  • coffee is available in the lobby but everything is handed to you (cream packages, sugar packs, etc.) so only our coffee server is touching anything
  • all of the rows in our meeting room are 2m apart and we ask people to leave open 3 chairs between family units
  • once you are seated, you may remove your mask since you will be 2m or more away from others around you
  • we have COVID-19 approved cleaner that we use on all surfaces
  • we also wipe down all high touch areas (door knobs, railings) with Lysol wipes before anyone arrives on Sunday morning; after everyone is seated in the meeting area and the service has started, we wipe down all these areas again
  • there is a TV in our lobby so if anyone wants to sit in a more spacious area, there is room for a few people to sit in the lobby for the service
  • if you want to sing, you may sing with a mask on but we encourage you to not sing moistly :)