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Cornerstone Foodbank

Stay home and have your foodbank order brought to you, OR volunteer to bring food to someone!

Every Second Wednesday, 1:30 & 2:00pm

We run our foodbank distribution every second Wednesday afternoons. We first serve our guests registered with Harvest Manitoba at 1:30pm. Then at 2:00pm, we serve guests who come in unregistered (as walk-ins). For certainty, please check with the calendar below.

If you'd like to register with Harvest Manitoba, call these numbers:

  • 204-982-3660 for New Clients
  • 204-982-3671 for Returning Clients

Join The Team!

Thanks for your interest in joining the Team! That is so kind of you. Please fill the form out (above), and we'll get back to you! In the meantime, here's how we operate our foodbank:

How we operate our Foodbank:

  • We meet to set up, run, and clean up the foodbank distribution every second Wednesday from 1:00 - 2:30pm at the church building (1100 Autumnwood Drive)
  • First, we unload a truck from Harvest Manitoba (scheduled to arrive at 1pm)
  • Then we organize the food into orders for our guests
  • Then we get our guests the food (the doors open promptly at 1:30pm)
  • After we've served both registered and unregistered guests, we clean up and put away the tables and chairs that we use

Thanks again!