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Additional Resources for "Women on the Board of Elders"

Welcome to the ADDITIONAL RESOURCES section of our online resources for Women in Church Leadership.

We’ve broken down further suggested resources into the following sections:

  2. MEDIUM,
  3. IN-DEPTH, and



How God Sees Women: The End of Patriarchy (link)

  • Written for lay people. Presents the egalitarian view.

Different by Design: God's Blueprint for Men and Women (link)

  • Easy to read. Presents the complementarian view.

Forgotten Voices: Women in Ministry in The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (link)

  • A historical overview of the significant ministry that women have provided within The Alliance Canada.


THEOLOGY IN THE RAW podcast (link)

Preston Sprinkle is currently researching the topic of women in leadership in the church and has not decided yet which side of the debate he lands on. His podcasts on this topic are helpful as they are coming from an honest perspective with no agenda.

  • Show #1042 "Neither Complementarian Nor Egalitarian"
  • Show #1041 "Women in Ministry Part 2" Gives a fair and balanced view of the complex passage 1 Timothy 2.
  • Show #1028 "Women in Church Leadership Part 1"
  • Show #1018 "An Egalitarian View of Women in Ministry in Light of the Greco-Roman Context
  • Show #1012 "Paul, Gender and the Women in Leadership Debate"
  • Show #995 "Women Prophets, Teachers, and Preachers, but Not Elders" The view that is sometimes called "soft complementarianism:" women can do everything except be elders.


Egalitarian and Complementarian Views of Biblical Womanhood (link)

  • Beth Allison Barr, author of ‘The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the subjugation of women became Gospel truth’ takes an egalitarian view of scripture. Rachel Green Miller, author of ‘Beyond Authority and Submission: Women and Men in Marriage, Church, and Society’ takes a complementarian perspective.
  • They explore both common ground and differences in their perspectives on the roles of men and women in the church and family. 
Egalitarian and Complementarian Views of Biblical Womanhood

Theology in the Raw Podcast is also on YouTube. (link)

Women in Leadership, Part 2: 1 Timothy 2